August 11, 2016


RIMSE Publications

With our three decades dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Value Education RIMSE has brought out significant documents of local and global significance with implications for education everywhere. As a leader in introducing Value Education especially for High Schools and Teacher Trainees, RIMSE has published seminal works. The contributions in these publications are by experts who are practicing Teacher Trainers (B.Ed College) and senior monks of Ramakrishna Order.

1 A Handbook on Value Education (Out of Print) English Rs. 30/-
2 Moral Education A Practical Approach
By K Rama Rao
English Rs. 120/-
3 Prayogika Neetishikshana
By K Rama Rao
English Rs. 85/-
4 Education Total Development of Personality English Rs. 22/-
5 Value Orientation A source Book on Value Education English Rs. 125/-
6 Value Education An Outline English Rs. 15/-
7 Prarthana Sourabha
A Handbook of Hymns and Prayers
8 You Asked Us
By S Srinivasachar
English Rs. 12/-
9 Personality Development (DVD) English Rs. 100/- + Postage
10 Vyaktitva Vikasana (Set of 2 VCDs) Personality Development Kannada Rs. 200/- + Postage
11 Vyaktitva Vikasamu (Set of 2 VCDs) Personality Development Telugu Rs. 100/- + Postage
12 Practical-Value-Education (Interactive CD) In collaboration with NCT English Rs. 60/-
13 Vyaktitva Vikas (DVD) Hindi Rs. 100/- + Postage
14 Vyaktitva Vikas (DVD) Bengali Rs. 100/- + Postage